Staples students help fight breast cancer at Pink Day Game


This past Friday night, October 16, the stands and field were filled with pink, when Staples played Stamford under the lights at Staples Pink Day Game.  

The Pink game is when Staples athletes and students coming to watch the game dress up in pink to bring awareness and raise money for breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month; therefore, the Pink Day Game is in this month as well. It has become a tradition not only at high schools but even in the NFL to dress up in pink for Breast Cancer.

Many Staples students have been affected by breast cancer, “One of my mom’s friend, her mom died from breast cancer and she was really affected by it, so I feel good raising awareness for it through my school,” said Jake Leon ’19.

On the other side of the story, some Staples students aren’t affected by breast cancer in their own lives, but they still realize the impact it has on people everywhere.

“It doesn’t affect me personally, but I do know people that are affected by breast cancer and it is important to bring awareness to it,” Liza Barlow ‘16 said.

The majority of Staples students, like Liza have not been personally affected by breast cancer, but know the amount of people that are, so they love to raise awareness and money for it.

Affected by it or not, Staples as a school came together last Friday to support breast cancer.

Football player Brandon Adrian ’18, showed the real message of the Pink Day Game, “It is to bring awareness about breast cancer, I am happy to represent a greater cause than just the number on my back and the high school I play for.”