Live-Action ‘Cinderella’ takes on an exciting contemporary storyline


Graphic by Alix Glickman ’23

Cinderella starring Camilla Cabello can be viewed on Amazon Prime. It takes on a modern and accurate storyline that enhances the theme that one should prioritize their self before others.

Popstar Camilla Cabello dabbled in acting in the new live-action of “Cinderella,” released on Sept. 3. You can watch Cabello take on the lead of Cinderella on Amazon Prime. Her amazing voice adds to the appeal of the well-known fairytale while adding a contemporary twist. This movie takes on a more modern storyline that includes diversity, the pressure of controlling parents and the self-discovery of an independent young woman.
A typical Cinderella movie focuses on the helpless maid that is swooped off her feet and saved by the charming prince. However, this movie shows that what makes Cinderella different, her unapologetic and authentic self, is what truly captures Prince Robert’s heart. She, unlike the rest of the women in her society, wants to become independent and start a business of her own.

It strays away from the classic storyline of all the young girls’ having to achieve an ideal look and being dependent on male leads.

— Alix Glickman '23

Cinderella’s talent of handcrafting dresses goes unrecognized by the high-class civilians. She has ambitious dreams to open her own dress store and struggles to be understood by everyone until she is recognized by Prince Robert, who also feels like he does not fit in with the world he was born into.
When Cinderella’s evil stepmother denies her attendance at Prince Robert’s ball, she is devastated. Yet, with the help of the fairy godfather, he makes one of Cinderella’s dress designs come to life, and transports her to the ball where she can meet her love again. Queen Tatiana notices her beautiful work and offers her an amazing fashion opportunity. This certainly represents a more modern dynamic and sends an important message of pursuing your own passion regardless of what the status quo says.
To many of the younger audience members that are likely to see this movie, it emphasizes the importance of prioritizing yourself and accurately depicts a more real interpretation of the world. Of course there are still talking mice and a monarchy, but the movie represents different races, body shapes and personalities. It strays away from the classic storyline of all the young girls’ having to achieve an ideal look and being dependent on male leads.
There is never a dull moment in this movie, as the cast is constantly breaking out into song and dance, which makes this film romantic and musical. Some of the catchy tunes sung during this movie include: “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez, “Material Girl” by Madonna and “Somebody To Love” by Justin Bieber. I would rate this movie four out of five stars because it includes a great storyline with fun music, but “Another Cinderella Story” still remains my favorite modern Cinderella movie.