Five shoes that will put a spring in your step!


With the perfect combination of comfort and support, Vans are the ideal shoe for the springtime. The great thing about Vans is that they provide a little more style than the average sneaker while still being comfortable, making it a perfect shoe for spring style.

“I think it’s bad how much I wear my Vans, but I can’t help it. They go with everything and are so comfortable,” Sofie Calderon ’18 said with a smile.

These new stylish sneakers have recently risen in popularity among Staples students, striking both boys and girls’ interests. Adidas has come out with a line of simple and fashion forward sneakers that provide students with an alternative option of footwear compared to the everyday shoe.
“I love my Adidas sneakers because they are casual and trendy,” Colleen Bannon ’17 said. “They are also insanely comfortable.”

Soludos is a great shoe company that specializes in making espadrilles, but also make wedges, sandals and slip ons. These shoes are extremely common for the spring/summer styles of Staples students, majority being girls. Soludos espadrilles are a great shoe for spring because they combine the style of a sneaker with the lightweight feel of a flipflop.

“Soludos are the best; they feel like I’m not wearing shoes at all,” Alexa Moro ’18 said. “They are the most comfortable shoes I own by far.”

Wearing Converse sneakers has been a huge trend for the past couple years within the Staples’ girls population, but recently converse have caught the attention of boys at Staples as well. The great thing about Converse is that they come in multiple different styles: high top and regular ankle style. They also come in different textures like rubber, cloth and leather.

Flip Flops (Rainbow and Tkees):
Flipflops have always been the most worn shoe of the spring/summer season, but these up and coming companies are taking a slightly different approach to the average flip flop. Rainbow is a company that is taking a rustic and down to earth perspective on the flip flop. Their simple design and comfortable fit make them a unique sandal for this spring season. Unlike other flip flops brands, Rainbow doesn’t use any neon colors, instead they use natural brown shades.

“I am obsessed with my Rainbow flip flops. I wear them all the time,” Christine Taylor ’18 said. “They are the most comfortable flip flops I own.”

Another great brand for sandals are Tkees. Tkees are a semi-new brand that is taking a more stylish and fashion forward approach to the classic flip flops. Tkees uses many unique color combinations with different textures and materials. Although they are innovative and new designs, they still maintain the same comfort that one would expect from a flip flop.

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