Games that flew through Staples

As seniors graduate high school in the most technological era to date, many look back on what techy trends have come and gone over their four years: specifically, which chart-topping Apps have entertained, bothered, and distracted them.

2010-2011: One of the games that still entertains students appeared. Staples was filled with victorious cheers and defeated sighs when Angry Birds quickly filled every iDevice. Soon, classrooms changed from quiet learning environments to arenas of birds flying and chirping as they collided with wooden structures. “I remember when Angry Birds first came around; everyone was buying the game and playing it all the time,” Casey Denton ’14 said.

2011-2012: Students were often seen with their heads bowed and fingers flicking as this 2011 game ran into Staples. Jackson Ullman ’14 was one of the many students who found himself glued to the app. “Temple Run was one of those games that was really made well,” Jackson Ullman ’14 said. “It was always entertaining.”

2012-2013: One of the most popular multiplayer games that sped through Staples, Bike Race brought all students together in a competitive race against one another and the clock.  “Bike Race was and is still a great way to pass time,” said Jansen Van Arsdale ’14, “It is always fun to get a new high score.”

2013-2014: As the game Flappy Bird flew into almost every student’s mobile device, the school was filled with flapping wings followed by outbursts of anger brought on by crushed dreams and defeat. This app, while very competitive and entertaining, was quickly replaced by the more relaxing game 2048, which involved math and strategy. “2048 was a great, math involved game that was a great way to get through class,” Ian Hubbel ’16 said.

As the seniors move on to bigger and better things, apps will move right along with them.