[Nov. 2016 Arts] How to combat unpredictable fall weather changes

By Eliza Goldberg ’17

Fall is home to some of the most extreme daily weather variances of the entire year, causing immense shivering in the morning and sweating in the afternoon. Because of the freezing mornings and temperate afternoons, it is important to be stockpiled with ways to combat the weather changes throughout the day.

Bringing warm beverages to school:

In the morning, warm beverages can help eliminate the need for clunky layers of clothing. Bring a travel mug of hot coffee, hot chocolate or tea to help warm you up in the early hours of the day.

Sweater weather:

Now that it’s November, it’s time to face the facts: summer is long gone. Fortunately, cooler weather means that sweaters can be worn with no shame. Integrating sweaters into your school outfits will help ensure that you are dressed properly for the cold mornings.  

Dressing in layers:

Wearing sweaters can sometimes be a crapshoot. On many afternoons the weather will warm up and you will be left sweating during and after school. To combat this issue, make sure you dress in layers. Wear a t-shirt underneath your sweater and a vest or light jacket on top and you’ll be prepared for all types of weather.

Probiotics and Vitamin C:

Sadly, the cold weather comes with cold and flu season. To prevent sickness, make sure your immune system is well boosted in order to steer clear of the tissue box. There are two easy ways which aid in preventing illness: probiotics and Vitamin C. Yogurt has live cultures, or probiotics, that help keep the intestinal tract free of disease-causing germs. Additionally, Vitamin C, which is easy to bring into your diet, can be found in citric fruits and is known to be an immune-boosting and disease-busting antioxidant.


At home, there is nothing better than a warm blanket when you’re feeling cold. Ease the transition from your warm bed to the icy floor in the morning by keeping blankets around the house. Blankets will provide you with immediate warmth without confining you in layers that are hard to take off.

With these few fall tips in mind, you’ll be kicking the effects of the ever-changing weather to the ground.