[Sept. 2016 Opinions] Summer take me back

By Jesse Levinson ’17 Web Opinions Editor

A month has passed since I last basked in your warm embrace. My skin, once a nearly bronze complexion, now engulfs my body in a pale crust. My days, once consisting of pickup basketball, tanning and swimming, now revolve around my grueling battle against homework and sleep.

Every night is the same. I try to set my mind on school, but I end up sprawled on my bed, awake and thinking of the two months we had together and the foreboding ten that now lie ahead of me.

My eyes wander as though they have a mind of their own. I know where they’re headed; I try to seal them shut, but I can’t.

Eventually, I give up. They lead me to that stockpile of pain and despair — the designated corner of my room for all our pictures together.

A tear running down my cheek, I stare at what was always my favorite picture: our first selfie together. In it, your sun — gleaming as always — sits directly over my shoulder, unimpeded by the gray masses.

I ask myself, “Why did you have to leave me so suddenly?” What I would do for just one more week together, free of early morning alarm clocks and stale cafeteria muffins.

Summer, I know it has only been a month since you decided to take some time away from me, but I miss you now more than ever. Please, take me back.

I know I was demanding of you, especially when it came to your temperature. I wanted you hot but not too hot, and I wanted to embrace the delicate touch of your cool — not cold — breeze.

Now, I spend my days longing for a blanket. I cower at my desk, shivering and  wondering what I have done to deserve the punishment of the school’s excessive air conditioning.

I want you to know, Summer, that I haven’t taken any other lovers. Of course, I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t at all tempted by Autumn’s crisp air and earthly beauty, and it would be inhumane of me to suggest that I’m not excited for the year’s first snowfall.

Still, no season compares to you and your whole-hearted warmth, and that is why I will be counting down the days until we meet again, Summer.