Paper Arts: “House of Cards” stands strong with its fourth season

I’m sure that all you “House of Cards” fans were all aware of the highly-anticipated release of season four that occurred on March 4. Before embarking on the journey of watching a season of this political thriller, questions hung over the heads of all the fans.  Was the anticipation worth it?  Does this season live up to the expectations that have been set so high by the other seasons?

After watching, I can confidently answer “yes” to both of these questions. The political agenda of President Frank Underwood and his opponents stayed ever riveting and shocking, while the drama that grabbed the audience’s attention in the first season remained prevalent.  Characters from previous seasons, who many viewers thought had left the show, returned to portray their characters who changed with time, such as Sebastian Arcelus who reprised the role of the disgruntled former-journalist Lucas Goodwin.   

The newest season was a success because it stayed true to the stunning events and secret agendas that made it hugely popular during the previous seasons; producer Beau Willimon also felt no loyalty to protagonists, killing off a character who had been with the show since the first season. The show’s management went by the mantra, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The screenplay is still phenomenal, with Frank’s continual use of asides creating a colloquial tone to the show, and the director’s continued use of dramatic camera angles to keep the audience begging for more. The actors and actresses are still nailing their roles, such as Golden Globe winner Robin Wright for her portrayal of Claire Underwood, and the one and only Kevin Spacey as President Frank Underwood. Surprises still emerged even when the audience thought there were no more to come (take Claire’s breaking of the fourth wall in the season finale as an example).  

Nevertheless, there was still a part of me that wanted a little more scandalous drama, resembling a show like “Scandal.” I full-heartedly believe that adding some more slant to the plot would draw in and hook the younger audiences.  All things considered, however, the fourth season of “House of Cards” remains both thrilling and enticing, and the season finale leaves viewers like you and me begging for more.