Best places to work this summer


By Erin Lynch ’18 and Camryn Ragland ’18

Summer is coming up soon, which means freedom from the classroom, an end to hours of homework, and a stress free break from reality. But, with hours to spare comes the need for a job.

The Westport job market is hard to navigate for teens looking to work, but we have narrowed it down to a few of the best options you should keep in mind when looking this summer.


  1. RECing Crew/Camp Compo

If you grew up in Westport, you have probably spent at least a week at Coleytown Middle School enjoying the action packed schedule of Parks and Rec’s summer day camp: RECing crew. RECing crew is offered to kids in grades five through eight and includes a full schedule of sports and activities Monday through Wednesday. On the last two days of each week, the campers and counselors go on a field trip. The camps counselor staff includes mostly Staples students and graduates, so you are sure to be working with friends or at least people you are comfortable around. While working with your friends and getting paid, you can also enjoy field trips to popular spots such as: Brownstone Quarries, Lake Compounce, Rye Playland, and the Bronx Zoo. But apply soon, because RECing crew counselor positions are one of the most competitive jobs this summer.

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  1. Lifeguarding at Compo

If you do not enjoy chasing tweens around at day camp, lifeguarding is probably a more suitable summer job for you. There are many places where you can find a lifeguarding job, but we believe the ideal location is at Compo Beach. Although it seems like a simple task to sit in a beach chair and stare at the water, the job comes with a lot of responsibility. You will need waterfront lifeguard certification. While this job may be difficult, you will be able to  enjoy the beautiful weather at compo, making it a great way to get a tan and be outside.

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  1. Frozen Yogurt/Ice cream places

To avoid the heat and enjoy a cold treat, work at an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop. From Sunny Daes and Saugatuck Sweets, to Top This and Sweet Frog, Westport offers a large variety of places to work. The hours are flexible, and every ice cream shop needs new teenage workers to keep their customers coming. Another obvious benefit would be treating yourself with a scoop at the end of a hard day’s work.

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  1. Sports camp

Many students play fall sports and the transition from being lazy all summer to being expected to play 90 minutes in a game can be brutal; working at a sports camp is a great way to ease this transition. Although it may not get you in top shape and these camps may not be the only training you need to do in preparation for  the dreaded fitness tests, at least it will keep you somewhat active. Sports are also the easiest way to keep kids active; you can simply place a ball on the field and they are suddenly occupied. Being a camp counselor for a sports camp is a great way to keep moving and interact with kids who are likely to be passionate about what they’re doing.