The cafeteria has some seriously questionable things going on

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Eliza Goldberg ’17

After taking a stroll around the Staples cafeteria on Friday, October 21, I’ve realized there are more than enough items that really need to go.

Full Bottles of Mustard and Mayonnaise:
Okay seriously? I get that Chartwells sells a few Boars Head products, but who in their right mind is going to buy full bottles of condiments in the staples cafeteria? Staples is not a grocery store. Who is going to buy a full bottle for their single sandwich?

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Bags of food with more than 2 servings:
Going off of the “not a grocery store” idea, why does the cafeteria have food that is way more than enough for one sitting? If we are all about promoting health, the cafeteria should not be discreetly allowing students to overeat without realizing it. Some bags are a standard size, such as the bags of Lays and pretzels. However the three serving bags of peanut butter Ritz crackers, Oreos and Harvest Snappers are blatantly more than a plausible amount of servings. I watch students ingest way more calories than they realize because of this deceptive packaging. The cafeteria should not sell anything with more than two servings.

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Cookies next to apples at the entrance:
Ah, the irony. The beautiful fruit stand with it’s equally gorgeous decorated-cookie centerpiece. What happened to encouraging our fruits and veggies? I know it’s hard to believe, but very few people would choose to eat an apple when next to a gorgeously frosted cookie. Putting decorative cookies next to fall fruits is not necessarily festive, it’s just silly. If the cookies were moved back toward the snack foods, people would notice the apples before the cookies and they would be eating healthier as a result.

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Unrefrigerated Milk:
I was quite surprised to find both plain and chocolate milk on display outside of the refrigerator. I went up to see if somehow the cafeteria had a way of keeping the milk cool without keeping it in the fridge. Nope, the milk was room temperature, if not warmer. Common sense people, common sense. Even if this milk is safe to drink without refrigerating, who wants to drink room temperature milk? I think we need to stick to cold milk.

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