How to stick it out until second semester

How to stick it out until second semester

Seniors, listen up. We’re getting there. The glorious, long-awaited second semester is basically an arm’s length away. Every time we blink our eyes it gets closer and closer.

But for now, we’re still first semester seniors and that means that for most of us, we still have to send our second quarter grades to colleges (and so we still have to do decently well).

Here are some tips on how to push through until second semester:


  • Balance


Balance is always important in life, but now more than ever is it absolutely vital. You have to work hard first semester senior year– that’s a given. You’re trying to determine where you’ll be for the next four years of your life, for god’s sake! So, although you have to keep working hard, don’t forget to have fun. Work all day Saturday then go out with your friends at night!


  • Make time for yourself


Even though all the stress of second semester, and especially of December, can be overwhelming and you may feel like you don’t have time for anything other than school and college work and squeezing in time to be social, it’s imperative that you take care of yourself. Set aside a few minutes each day to relax, whether it’s to read a book or watch a TV show or listen to music or even meditate. And don’t forget that sleep is essential for your well-being.


  • Distract yourself


Don’t think about how much more work you will have to do before second semester or how far away it seems. Instead, just focus on actually doing this work. Focus on the excitement instead of the anxiety.


  • Daydream


Not during class, obviously. But whenever you’re feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel is just too far out of reach, take a second to visualize second semester. Think of the satisfaction you will feel in knowing that you made it through the most stressful time of your high school life. Think of the satisfaction you will feel after you make it to second semester and can crawl into bed after school and re-watch One Tree Hill on Netflix. Or if you’re having a particularly hard week, pinpoint something in the near future that you can use to look forward to, like seeing the new Hunger Games movie over the weekend or going to Sakura for your sister’s birthday later in the week.

Use this advice to push through the next 5 weeks. You can do it.