I choose freedom with a side of AP

I choose freedom with a side of AP

Olivia Kalb, Staff Writer

To test or not to test? That is the question.

AP tests are awful. Just really, truly awful. Spending several hours in a dreary room, writing essays, answering multiple choice after multiple choice question, or racking the brain for the appropriate way to solve an equation should be banned, in my humble opinion.

Unless you get the rest of the day off…

That’s not too a terrible a deal, now is it?

Just imagine —

It’s another dreaded school day, and not only that, but it’s your AP test day. You’ve studied for hours each night for the past week or so, probably more if you’re a junior or sophomore. And now the day of reckoning has come

Now, either you get to sleep in or you get to leave early. Both have their magical qualities.

Sleeping is the gift every student loves. Not only do you get to stay in that oh-so-comfortable bed longer, but you actually can get a good night’s sleep before a test for once, if you use it wisely, at least, by not staying up extra late or waking up early anyways.

With leaving early, there’s just something beautiful about walking out those school doors knowing that everyone else is stuck.

Sure, your brain hurts and your hand is cramping. But you’re free to leave and spend your time doing something of worth, like marathoning netflix or sleeping.

The test is awful, but the rewards are truly rewardful. Not only can it give you college credit, but also time in the monotony that is school.

And besides, the AP tests are not nearly as bad as SATs or ACTs. If you can handle those two, surely you can handle APs?