Soulcycle re-invents spinning in Westport


Courtesy of Soulcycle. At Soulcycle they “[don’t] just change bodies, [they] change lives.” Their goal is to transform the way you look and feel.

Becca Rawiszer, Web Opinions Editor

While most fitness enthusiasts love the autumn season, they know they are one step closer to winter. For cyclists, navigating slush filled Connecticut roads can be especially daunting. Fortunately, Westport is about to be home to one of the fastest growing fitness centers in the United States today. Opening in early 2015, Soulcycle will be located at 374 Post Road East in the Trader Joes shopping center.

Started in 2006, Soulcycle claims to be “indoor cycling re-invented,” on their website. It provides the space for indoor cycling for individuals and groups, promising that “forty-five minutes is all it takes to transform the way you look and feel.”

Rachel Seideman ‘17 spins at the Soulcycle in Greenwich, Connecticut and is looking forward to its opening in Westport. “I started going to soul cycle because my mom and dad workout there and the spinning classes are a really great cardio workout that’s a good alternative to running,” Seideman said. “And afterwards, you feel really satisfied.” She explained how she had visited other spinning centers and none compare to Soulcycle.

Entering a market with competitors such as Joyride and Intensity, Soulcycle seeks to differentiate itself by providing workouts for not only one’s core but also one’s mental spirit.

Mackenzie Pretty, an instructor at Joyride, explained why she got into cycling. She “was inspired by [her] instructors and the people around [her] working hard together to be stronger and more physically fit,” Pretty said that indoor cycling is an outstanding cardio workout and the adrenaline rush is addictive.

Over the years, cycling has gained popularity as a fitness regimen. It is proven that cycling puts less stress on muscles and bones than running and impact sports. The fitness level of a cyclist is equivalent to someone 10 years younger. Cycling benefits the immune system which results in a healthy life deprived of anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.

Cycling is proven to decrease the risk of injuries, which is an effective way for athletes with previous injuries to stay in shape.

Olivia Rubin ’17 is excited for the opening of Soulcycle because she spins frequently. “Due to an excessive amount of sports injuries in the past, I now rely on cycling to stay active. Soulcycle seems pretty cool. I am definitely interested in looking into cycling there.”