Staples’ games collide with spooky spirit on Halloween

While the Staples football team has fought through some scary weather, this year’s game against Trumbull is sure to be spooky as it falls on Halloween.

For the first time in years, the intensity of football and the celebration of Halloween collide on the same night. The fans, the players and even the coaches are preparing differently for this extraordinary event.

Some students plan on dressing up for the games and not in their usual Wreckers gear.

Wreckers fan Daniel Brill ’16 is one of the many students who is excited for the Halloween game.

“This never happens so I’m going all out,” Brill said. “I will dress up in some sort of costume, come support the team and then go celebrate after.”

This special night calls for even more celebration than an ordinary football game for it combines the school spirit of Staples with the haunting excitement of Halloween.

Even the coaches have high hopes for the event.

“Oh, it’s going to be tremendous,” Coach Marce Petroccio said. “I will be dressed up as a football coach.”

The players, too, are looking forward to the event. Connor Adrian ’16 is one of the many Wreckers who is excited for the game.

“The guys are extremely excited to play on Halloween,” Adrian said. “We hope our superfans show up to support us, whether they’re in costumes or not.”

The night should be full of fun and trickery for all who come to watch the game.

“As long as the kids do all the right things and are respectful it should be great,” Petroccio said. “It should be a lot of fun.”