Trashing the Cafe


Anyone sitting in the Staples cafeteria during the lunch waves can all see one thing: trash. And it’s everywhere. As the school day progresses, more and more trash builds up on the cafeteria tables. Wrappers, containers, stained and crumby plates, leftover food and empty bottles are constantly left for the janitors to pick up. Let’s take a look from early morning to mid afternoon of what the Staples cafeteria endures daily.

8:15 am

The day starts off well, without any trash on the tables…yet.

9:45 am

By mid morning there’s already a fair amount of trash left by students and a sophomore at Staples has something to say about it. “I think that the cafeteria should be treated with more respect as should the custodians,” said James Bowles ’18. 

10:30 am

Right before the lunch waves even more unfinished food and wrappers accumulate.

1st lunch

After just the first lunch wave, this cafeteria table has multiple pieces of trash left on it, with a garbage can not even two feet away.

2nd lunch

The trash and leftover food grows in size, and some are still perfectly good to eat. And students have noticed this problem also strays from the cafeteria. “Not just the cafe, but many other places in the school are always covered in leftover trash from kids,” said Avery Mendillo ’18.


3rd lunch

Recyclable bottles and plates with food still on it continue to be left, with trash also dropped (and left) on the floor. Another Staples student notices the litter. “I find it really weird that students won’t take the extra minute to throw away their trash before they leave… given all the work our janitors and staff put into making our cafeteria clean, it’s the least we can do to give back,” said Eden Schumer ’18.

2:00 pm

Thanks to the janitors, by the end of the school day the cafeteria has come full circle and been restored back to its pristine and clean condition it starts out with everyday.