Stressed students return to school

Stressed students return to school

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Associate Managing Editor

Exhausted and irritated faces roam the hallways as students return from the 12 day holiday break. Students have no choice but to put lounging around to rest, grab a cup of coffee and start studying for midterm exams.

“It’s really hard to come back to break because all we have to look forward to is midterms,” Hannah Bjorkman ’18 said.

Midterm exams begin on Monday, Jan. 25 which is exactly one week after students return from vacation.

Students are in crunch mode between late nights at the library, after school appointments and extra-curricular activities. Students are forced to change their pace quickly and gear up for next week.

“It’s always a quick and difficult change when returning back to school,” Maya Lawande ’16 said. “It’s been a while since we’ve had anything to do and now we have to jump into exams.”

Although many students are bitter about coming back to school, some report they were eager to return.

“It was really nice to not have work. However, after a while doing absolutely nothing becomes unstimulating,” Claudia Guetta ’18.

Those who are dreading these stressful two weeks look to the upcoming five day break as motivation.

Midterms end on Thursday, Jan. 15 and students who complete all of their midterms don’t come back to school until Jan. 21.

“These are a stressful few weeks especially after break,” Natalie Lieberson ’17 said. “However, the stress will subside and we will have a mini-vacation to enjoy.Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 4.40.37 PM