Staples Players’ production of “Our Town” came to our town


Graphic by Caroline Donohue '20

“Our Town” took place May 23-26. The show was loved by the students who participated.

Ella Bloomingdale '20, Staff Writer

Most productions put on by  Staples Players are presented from the main stage with many varieties of lights and intricate set detailing, but for the next performance the play characteristics will include neither of these. Staples Players will be putting on a presentation of “Our Town” in the Black Box at Staples High School, and it is a production different than the others.

“Our Town” is the fictional story based around the ordinary citizens of a small town called Grover’s Corner. The play is narrated by the stage manager, who helps the audience follow the lives of George Gibbs, Emily Webb, and their families. Within the show, there are three acts; The first act is ordinary life, the second is love and marriage, and the third is death.

The play is performed with very little scenery, set, and props; a simple appearance that effortlessly provides a lot of meaning. Staples players set manager, Karalyn Hood, comments on this, by saying “I think that the minimalist set really put focus on the actors because you weren’t distracted by anything else. I think something that makes Our Town so different is the minimal scenery, it really was just all about the acting.” The play, even though it seems very straightforward due to the intended lack of detail and simplicity, has a very strong and meaningful message.

Another thing that contributed to the unique experience of the play was the costumes, and its purpose of simplicity followed along the same lines of the meaning behind the set. “It was a very new and interesting show to work on because the entire idea of this show was to be not dressed in what some would consider very showy costumes,” says costume designer and actress Camille Foisie, “it created more of an intimate experience with the audience and also with the show being a black box production which I really enjoyed.”

Besides observers, performers also received a unique experience from being a part of this play. “I think that the play is super influential for anybody who sees it,” Sammy Guthartz ’20 says. “It’s a very interesting piece, because it’s a very simple play, that does not require much, but it still holds a very strong message.” The play might come off as possibly boring at first glance, but it contains many unique traits and important morals that make the play distinct. For example, during the second act surrounding love and marriage, a wedding takes place which requires audience participation.

Staples Players will be performing “Our Town” from May 23 through May 26. The play will take place at Staples High School in the Black Box and tickets are available for purchase online at the Staples Players website.