“Endless Love” becomes an endless storyline by the end

I love a good romantic movie. I have seen “Titanic” too many times to count, and who hasn’t cried at the end of “The Notebook?” After seeing the trailer for “Endless Love,” a remake of the 1981 movie that starred Brooke Shields, I knew I had to see it.

Although it was good in a mindless romantic movie kind of way, the acting wasn’t the best and the story line got too complicated. So much happened in the movie that it just did not make for a very concise story line; I kept trying to figure out when the movie was going to end because so much was going on.

Starring Alex Pettyfer from “Beastly” and Gabriella Wilde from “Carrie,” the story follows two recent high school graduates, Jade (Wilde), the stereotypical shy, beautiful rich girl, and David (Pettyfer), the brooding, poor boy that is way out of their league. They fall madly in love against Jade’s father’s wishes.

 I have seen two of Pettyfer’s movies. He’s very good looking; however, that is his only good quality in movies because I think he amateurish acting skills.

Wilde made Jade a dull character; I didn’t get the appeal that David saw in her. She was supposed to be this sad girl that’s finally happy again, but I didn’t see that. I just saw this pretty girl with no personality, thanks to Wilde’s poor acting skills.

In addition, too many things happened in the movie. From family deaths to surprise weddings, to house fires and car  accidents, it was like the screenwriters were trying to stuff a too many different events down the viewers throats in two hours.

It got so ridiculous I started laughing. I don’t think there is supposed to be much comedy in a romantic drama.

However, despite the second-rate acting of Wilde and Pettyfer, “Endless Love” was good enough that I would see it again. It was certainly not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and who doesn’t like a romantic movie?

Rate: 6/10