“Scandal” returns after hiatus


Rachel Labarre, Managing Editor

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not yet watched Season 3 Episode 11 of Scandal, which aired on Feb. 27, stop reading now! You have been warned.

The return from an 11-week long hiatus started with a bang: Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant are back together once again, and Mellie (the President’s wife) is still weirdly okay with this relationship. I still wonder why her mental health and self-esteem are not at dangerous levels.

I started to feel mildly bad for Mellie as her husband dangles his mistress in front of her, but then, the love triangle became a love rectangle. Fitz’s choice for Vice President, Andrew Nichols, is claimed to be the most loyal and reliable person Fitz knows. Nichols goes on a rant to Olivia about a “woman that got away.” Suddenly, all signs point in one direction: Mellie is the one that got away. I have a feeling that loyalty is soon going to be out of the picture for Nichols.

“So much of ‘Scandal‘ has been focused on the drama between Fitz and Olivia, so it will be interesting to see the effect that this [new relationship] has,” Hannah Malowitz ’15 said.

Before the season took a break, we found out that Olivia Pope’s mysterious mother is a terrorist. It was a pretty big deal. But for some reason, this was hardly mentioned in this episode, making many viewers annoyed and confused.

“It didn’t even seem like Olivia or Fitz were that worried about her,” Issy Pieper ’14 said.

And it’s not even worth spending time discussing the mess that has become Quinn Perkins. It’s safe to say that everyone is fed up with her and her bad decisions at this point.

There are, of course, a lot of other scandalous plot lines that are thrown in the mix during this episode (including Olivia’s father threatening the President’s life…no big deal), but what is more important is the TV show’s consistency in keeping viewers engaged. The fantastic acting allows this outrageous plot to seem very realistic, and subsequently, very scary. Who knows what is to come in the upcoming episodes?

“It was a good start to the season and they’re definitely setting up for very exciting things,” Jackie Ortega ’15 said.