Sports’ senior days honor their leadership, contributions throughout their high school careers


Maya Reiner ’21

The field hockey seniors celebrate their senior day with festivities in the morning.

Maya Reiner ’21, Manager of National Arts Blog

Seniors on  sports team bring energy to the team, put a great amount of time and effort into the program and are often the natural leaders of the pack. For any sport, players have spent countless hours on practices and games. Because of what all the seniors have done for their teammates and their program, it is right that they are honored and highlighted on Senior Day. 

However, many believe that Senior Day should be terminated because it might be a waste of money and time. It is true that hours of planning goes into the event.  Underclassmen make the Senior Day shirts and organize the ceremony that takes place at the game later that day. All of these aspects of Senior Day do cost money, and each sport receives that money differently. Some sports are provided with the money from their booster clubs, while others have fundraisers in order to obtain the money. 

But even though Senior Day takes a lot of time and money, these seniors deserve to have a day where they are recognized and honored. The time and money that will be spent does not even compare to the impact these seniors have had on their teams, so they deserve a day that highlights all that they have done. 

For me, I have felt extremely close to the seniors on my sports teams. These girls have been my best friends and true role models for me since my first day as a freshman. Every senior class has shown me something new, whether it is regarding the sport or not.

 During my freshman year, I remember how intimidating I was by the seniors. Many of them were committed for lacrosse and/or field hockey, and were much better than I was. But, they continuously said, “We are always here for you,” and made efforts to get to know everyone else. 

Over time, I began to see how amazing these girls were and how much they truly wanted to help. 

One August day, after pre-season for field hockey, the senior girls took a group of us around the school to show us where our classes would be. While getting to know the building of Staples, I also got to know these amazing girls who helped and guided me so much my freshman year.

Having a senior day for all sports is vital and should be a practice that is continued throughout sports teams. The contributions that the seniors each and every year are amazing, yet they usually go unnoticed, so having this designated day for them let the sports team honor these individuals who have impacted so many individuals in various ways.