Pep-rally fails to celebrate winter and fall sports


Marina Engler '21

The Staples pep-rally should include sports from every season in order to give a chance for all sports to be celebrated for their hard work and success.

Marina Engler '21, Staff Writer

The annual pep-rally before homecoming packs the bleachers full of students ready to cheer on the fall sports teams. Among those in the stands are the winter and spring sports teams watching the fall teams perform on the field.

Because the pep-rally initiates the homecoming football game, it makes sense to celebrate all the other fall sports teams. However, I believe the pep-rally should include every Staples sport, regardless of season, in order to celebrate the accomplishments of all athletes at our school. 


Across all seasons, athletes put in the same amount of time and effort into their sports and therefore should be recognized at the pep-rally. 


I am on the Staples girls’ ice hockey team, and it is a team that many do not know about. The pep rally would be the perfect place to showcase our team and allow more students to know what other teams are at Staples. 


One could argue that every sport is represented when the captains walkout during halftime of the football game. However, I was at the homecoming football game this year and didn’t even realize that it was going on. 


In order to celebrate the accomplishments of all teams at Staples, the pep-rally should include all teams who wish to participate. Because there is no event similar to the pep-rally in the winter and spring, having all teams together in the fall would be a perfect way to come together with school pride.