Sophomore research paper combines enjoyable aspects, development of important skills


The sophomore research paper, which students spend about a month on in their English classes, does require a lot of research and writing but can be enjoyable and in the end is important in building long-lasting skills for students.

Lys Goldman ’21, Paper News Editor

You sit at your desk, staring at a blank document on your laptop in front of you. You tap your fingers repeatedly against the keyboard, feeling as if you had unintentionally flipped an off switch in your brain. You search for words but can’t seem to find any that can combine into a cohesive sentence.


This situation is the reality for many Staples students while working on their sophomore research papers. However, while some may struggle at times and find it to be a useless hassle, the sophomore research paper has many enjoyable aspects and it builds important research skills that will come of much use as students progress into further education and even careers.


For roughly one month of the school year, all sophomores work on the research paper, an assignment that is required for each student to graduate from Staples. Most papers end up being between seven and 10 pages long.


While the research paper is a huge assignment that some students dread, there are many aspects that can be enjoyable. Firstly, students are allowed to choose any topic to write about that they are passionate about or that simply sparks their interest. In my case, I am very passionate and interested in both animal rights and the environment, so I decided to research and write my paper based on the question of how our society can reduce the negative environmental impacts of animal agriculture.


I really enjoyed delving into my topic and learning a lot more about it; giving students the freedom to research and write about whatever their heart desires makes the whole research paper process a lot more enjoyable.


Secondly, teachers are very helpful throughout the whole research paper process. They want to see you succeed and are open to assisting you in any way they can. Everyone in my class had conferences with our teacher once we had finished our rough drafts, where we were given very helpful comments and insights about our works in progress.


Along with the research paper having multiple enjoyable aspects, it also helps develop crucial research skills that will be very important for students in college and in future careers. According to the Institute of Physics, some key skills developed through research include independence, critical thinking, problem solving, contributing as a professional and initiative.


These skills can have big impacts on the success of students post-high school, in both college and future careers. In college, these skills come into play often when students are given assignments similar to the sophomore research paper. In addition, these skills are also very important for many career paths. For example, according to BizFluent, research skills come in handy in the workplace when employees must think creatively in marketing strategies, solve problems with production flaws and use feedback from their target customers.


Overall, the sophomore research paper is an important graduation requirement for every Staples student. Although it is time-consuming and lengthy, the positives outweigh the negatives given that the paper has many enjoyable aspects and helps build critical research skills that will be very important in the futures of many students.


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