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Sophomore research paper combines enjoyable aspects, development of important skills

The sophomore research paper, which students spend about a month on in their English classes, does require a lot of research and writing but can be enjoyable and in the end is important in building long-lasting skills for students.

Lys Goldman ’21

May 24, 2019

You sit at your desk, staring at a blank document on your laptop in front of you. You tap your fingers repeatedly against the keyboard, feeling as if you had unintentionally flipped an off switch in your brain. You search for words but can’t seem to find any that can combine into a cohesive sentenc...

Sophomores balance control and choice on their research paper

Sophomores balance control and choice on their research paper

Jackie Cope and Jessica Gross

March 16, 2014

Often referred to as “the guinea pig year,” the 2014 sophomores have been no strangers to change. The once solid foundations of junior year have become shakier and shakier as this year goes on. So far, sophomores have been told they will get to choose between AP Language or AP English Literature, a c...

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