Sony Pictures Shuts Down The Release Of The Interview


Jimmy Ray Stagg

On Dec. 17, Sony Pictures announced it would not be releasing the film “The Interview” on Christmas day, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, after U.S. authorities announced that North Korea was behind the recent cyber-attacks on Sony Pictures, and bomb threats on theaters that showed the film.

Although many students are dying to see “The Interview,” it is not worth the actual threat of death, according to Colleen Bannon ’17.

“When I first saw the trailer for ‘The Interview’ I thought it looked hilarious,” Bannon said.  “I didn’t even realize the potential conflict it could cause between our country and North Korea. Seeing the movie definitely isn’t worth that potential danger.”

“The Interview” is a comedy about two interviewers who work for a celebrity tabloid show and land an interview with the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.  Rogen and Franco’s characters are then recruited by the CIA to assassinate the dictator on their trip.

“Seth Rogen and James Franco are such a dynamic duo. ‘The Interview’ looks like an epic movie,” Riley Petta ’16 said.

According to USA Today, Nov. 24 marked the beginning of the cyber-attacks on Sony.  The hackers released hundreds of detailed and confidential emails between executives and celebrities.  Files were stolen releasing scripts of potential films, and after copying a majority of the Sony network, the hackers released malware on the Sony system that infected many computers and destroyed everything on them.

Sony also received threats from these hackers claiming that they would bomb any theaters that showed “The Interview.”  Many theater chains such as Regal pulled the movie, and Sony was left to cancel the releasing all together.

“It’s weird because I think that ‘The Interview’ has even more hype now that people know it isn’t being released.  Everyone wants to see it even more now,” Cameron Felton ’15 said.