Separate locker rooms creates difficulty for Staples athletes


Photo by: Jacob Greenberger '22

There is lots of clutter and chaos heading down to the locker room with lots of equipment from each athlete.

Jacob Greenberger '22, Staff Writer

Every day I rush to the locker room in a hurry, searching anxiously for a spot to change, hoping that I will be on time to practice. I sprint down the stairs and through the door, jealous of the football players casually strolling to their designated locker room, with the security of knowing they have a place to change. 

A change to the locker room arrangement should be made as soon as possible, as the current format of two separate locker rooms is unreasonable and poses a daily challenge for all athletes not on the football or lacrosse teams. 

Almost every Staples athlete knows the feeling of changing in a locker room for their after-school activity. However, most find that there is no space to change, no privacy and a chaotic rush to practice.

It is unfair and illogical that just two teams have access to their own locker room, while  every other Staples team is forced to cram into one locker room. Staples should combine the two locker rooms into one big one, where each team has their own section and place to change. 

This new locker room would benefit all other athletes by relieving them of the anxiety that comes with navigating the cramped locker room. And it comes at no cost to the football and lacrosse teams, who will still have the adequate space needed for all their equipment. 

I understand that the football team has more players on it and also has much more equipment to deal with. However, by simply combining the two to make one bigger locker room, it relieves the chaos of finding a place to change everyday while giving all athletes adequate space for their equipment and gear. According to Athletic Business, sharing a locker room is actually the most efficient way to utilize the space because multiple teams can use the same space at the same time.

 It is unnecessary for football and lacrosse to get their own locker room, while every other sport team is crammed into one space. Overall, it is simply logical that Staples combines the two locker rooms into one. This change would make the lives of a large part of the Staples athletic community much easier, with no change to the experience of both the football and lacrosse teams here at Staples.