Students explain ‘distaste’ towards Thanksgiving

Students explain ‘distaste’ towards Thanksgiving

By Sasha Narang ’18

Ah, Thanksgiving. The one holiday that’s sole purpose is to eat your heart out…and to appreciate the things you’re grateful for, of course. While many students look forward to the four day weekend, not everyone appreciates the holiday.

Lindy Sinclair ’18 is among those who claim “not to be a fan of” Thanksgiving. “It’s not that I hate it,” Sinclair said. “I just don’t see the point in it.”

Sinclair elaborated, explaining how the lack of representation for Thanksgiving is enough evidence for it being a “pointless” holiday. When Christmas, Hanukkah and Halloween approach, television commercials broadcast the holiday spirit and stores are filled with endless supplies of decorations. “If it really were a big deal, wouldn’t people be getting hyped about it like other holidays?” she asked.

Sasha Arellano ’17, a Staples graduate, shared a similar perspective. “I look forward to coming home from college, but I honestly don’t care about Thanksgiving,” she said.

Arellano further explained. “I think the main reason why I don’t like it is because I don’t like the food. I’ve never liked turkey, stuffing, or really any of the traditional foods,” Arellano said.

While a majority will be spending their evenings stuffing their faces in turkey, pounds of mashed potatoes and homemade apple pie, some students, like Arellano, would rather have a regular night at the dinner table.

“My family doesn’t really go all out,” Julia Bilotti ’18 said. “I guess that’s why I never really liked the holiday. We have a quick dinner and that’s about it. It’s not that exciting.”

The Bilotti family, along with others, don’t care for Thanksgiving simply because they treat it like any other regular night; with the exception of going to bed more bloated than usual.

“For Christmas we are always excited. We just never viewed Thanksgiving the same way,” Bilotti said.

Whether or not you enjoy Thanksgiving, many Westport families will be celebrating the holiday. “I’m just counting down the days to Christmas,” Sinclair said.