By Jake Navarro ’20

Directed by Zack Snyder, “Justice League” premiered in movie theaters around Westport on Nov. 17 and is perhaps one of the best movies created by Detective Comics, also known as D.C.

Prior to “Justice League’s” premier, “Suicide Squad” was the most recent D.C. movie, leaving “Justice League” with major shoes to fill. However, it did the job.

“Justice League” had six major super heroes come together to form a team to help protect the earth from being destroyed by Steppenwolf, who is a non-human entity. Once Batman realizes an attack is coming, he begins recruiting different superheroes including Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Flash, also known as Barry Allen, is just learning to use his powers I laughed endlessly about his clumsiness. Before Aquaman was recruited, he lived in a small town where the audience learns about his humor and where he would help people stay safe by controlling the seas.

Throughout the movie I learned about Wonder Woman’s childhood as she explained the importance of keeping Steppenwolf from coming onto Earth. Cyborg was a very interesting character due to his personality changes. Originally, he thought his powers were a curse until he learned they can be used to do good.
This movie was packed with fight scenes that always had the me on the edge of my seat. Not only did the movie introduce new heroes, but they made each super hero humorous which gave the movie a funny touch. Not only was the movie exciting, but I never felt lost or confused, which made the movie even more enjoyable to watch.

The only downside of going to a movie so popular is that the movie theater showings sell out quickly. However, you are able to buy tickets online days before you go at a reasonable price of 10 dollars.

Ultimately, if you love action-packed movies with superheroes, “Justice League” is a must see. Not only is the movie full of action and fighting, but each character contributes humor that has the crowd laughing. To top it off, the movie is a cheap 10 dollars and provides food and drinks to make your movie experience more enjoyable.

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