The ultimate ride with “The Girl on the Train”

The widely popular book, awarded as a #1 New York Times Bestseller, “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins, has just recently come to theaters and I finally got to experience the hype.

“The Girl on the Train” was an extremely engaging and mysterious thriller that kept me in awe at the edge of my seat as the movie focused on love, trust, and capability.
“I really enjoyed the movie, it always had me on my toes. Every minute there was something new that I didn’t see coming,” Kate Reach ’18 said.

“The Girl on the Train” tells the story of Megan Hipwell’s mysterious death. In the process of uncovering the truth, the secrets and scandals of the other characters surface throughout the movie.

The movie focuses on character Rachel Watson, an alcoholic, unemployed divorcee, who watched and fantasized about Megan’s life as she passed the house on her daily train ride to New York City.

After another one of Rachel’s blurry, drunken nights, she finds out about Megan’s disappearance as a considered suspect. Rachel works to uncover the truth and recollect her memory of the night.

The movie shows the perspectives of the key characters: Rachel, Tom (Rachel’s ex husband), Anna (Tom’s current wife), and Scott (Megan’s husband), to reveal the mystery of Megan’s death by uncovering the ties between the characters.

“I really liked that the movie included this because it made it a lot more interesting. It gave the film suspense and a major plot twist, which is always really exciting,” Jamie Spector ’18 said.

Also, the characters themselves really contributed to the effect of the movie. Watching how corrupt some of the characters minds and morals were left me in awe.
In addition to the unstable characters, the movie consisted of violent and disturbing scenes. There is definetly a specific crowd for this movie, so I don’t recommend this movie for everyone.

“Yeah I don’t think it’s for everyone, not in the sense that it’s bad or the language is difficult just that it has some pretty rough subjects and is about 90 percent adultery and crime. But otherwise it’s excellent” Cat Graham ’19 said.

Overall I loved the movie, it kept me engaged and thinking, while still evoking so many different emotions, which I don’t get from most films.