Scream Queens shakes viewers with horror and laughter

Scream Queens shakes viewers with horror and laughter

Sydney Kaplan, Staff Writer

When I heard that there was yet another “horror” TV show coming out, I sighed. My thoughts were that they all have the same premise and are so incredibly predictable, I was never even considering watching Scream Queens on FOX.

A two hour premiere of teenage girls screaming about murder sounded a bit exhausting. Yet, I gave it a chance when I witnessed a preview showing a star-studded cast including Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and Emma Roberts.

Ryan Murphy (known for creating/co-creating shows like Glee and American Horror Story) has written a horror comedy anthology unlike any show I have ever watched before. In short, the TV show is about the Kappa Kappa Tau, a sorority at Wallace University, and the murders of it’s members surrounding its 20th anniversary.

After the first five minutes of the premiere, my friend turned to me as we were watching and and said “Is this show a joke?”

The show in fact is completely serious (not a parody of any other show), but their execution pokes fun at all serious horror shows and how dramatic they are.

Considering the plot, the show has the chance to become extremely interesting; but the script that sounds like a 50 year old man trying relate with teenage girls does not really work for me. Overall, I think I will give this show another chance because despite the cheesiness of it, it happens to be quite entertaining.