“Frozen” warms hearts through a frosty winter

Recently Disney has come out with many movies, but none seem to meet the standard set by their old classics.

As an old Disney movie enthusiast, I thought that Walt Disney movies were past their peak and would never again come close to being the magical, heart-warming, and enchanting movies that they once were. I was wrong.

Movies such as “Tangled” and “The Princess and the Frog,” are cute, sure, but are not even in the same league as the absolutely charming emblematic movies such as “The Little Mermaid” and “Cinderella.” “Frozen,” on the other hand, is being called the best Disney film since “The Lion King” and I couldn’t agree more.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have created a film that is the perfect way to warm your heart during the rest of freezing cold winter.

When Snow Queen Elsa casts an eternal winter upon Arendelle, her sister Anna and companion Kristoff (along with his reindeer Sven) journey to reverse the curse. With the help of Olaf, a snowman of Elsa’s creation, the team is able to overcome multiple challenges that they face along the way. In the end they realize that the power of love is the only way to bring back summer.

Buck and Lee bring in a theme that is uncharacteristic of the Disney princess movies – girl power. It is not the love of the ever-so-handsome, strong, and brave princes that creates the happy ending, but instead the strength and perseverance of the two main female characters.

This time, the princess saves the whole kingdom, with the help of the prince, instead of the other way around.

While “Frozen” contains the classic ingredients of a Disney movie: a dash of tragedy, a few teaspoons of romance, and a cup or two of magic, it also includes a tablespoon of fresh and fairly unpredictable events to create a perfect blend combining old and new themes. It also contained incredible music – though with “Wicked” actress Idina Menzel playing Elsa, this comes as no surprise.

Songs such as “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” and “Love is an Open Door” will be creeping back into your head for days, if not weeks, after you’ve seen the movie. The album reached the number one spot on the Billboard album chart proving they are songs worthy of replays.

I definitely recommend this movie for everyone – young or old, male or female, it doesn’t matter. “Frozen” has all the different components necessary to make a great film – especially the characters’ personalities.

Anna’s free-spirit and eagerness to prove herself is sure to make you smile, Olaf’s warm-heartedness and humor are guaranteed to make you laugh, and Elsa’s loneliness and will to keep her sister safe and happy may even cause a few tears to be shed.

In the end, you will be left with a warm and happy feeling equivalent to drinking hot cocoa on a freezing winter night, but without the calories.