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Purple hair promotes species conservation

The event’s creator, Cate Casparius ‘19, advertises the instagram account that she created for the fundraiser. Casparius’ goal was to post at least 30 pictures on the account to save acres of rainforest land.

Remi Levitt '21, Staff Writer

June 10, 2019

Being environmentally conscious can be seen in the forms of using metal straws instead of plastic, carpooling, and taking quicker showers, though, there is now a new way to save the planet: purple hair.

Hurricane Maria fundraising storms into Staples

Hurricane Maria fundraising storms into Staples

October 19, 2017

By Nicky Brown ’19 and Layla Wofsy ’19 Just a month ago, students could be seen soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm sand on the island of Puerto Rico. One month later, the island is destroyed. Just a four hour flight away, Hurricane Maria caused severe damage to the popular vacation destination....

Staples students make wishes for a cause

Staples students make wishes for a cause

Ashton Dedona, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

The Connecticut chapter of the Make-A-Wish foundation, started by Bella Mattera ’17, was added to Staples High school as a club this year. Students from all grades participate in the club and work together with Italian teacher and club advisor Enia Noonan. The goal of the club is to raise money that t...

Staples Fall Sports Rake in the Funding

Cheerleaders model Mitchells dresses for the end-of-year fundraiser, Varsity Vogue.
Left to right: Sammy Troy '15, Sarah Ellman '15, Alexa Davis '15, Olivia Blevins '15, Sloane Cooper '15

Molly Liebergall, Staff Writer

December 18, 2014

A walk through the hallway outside of the gym proudly displays Staples’ sports feats throughout the years, achieved through hard work, great coaches, and funding.  At the beginning of each sports season, parents of varsity captains encourage players and their families to join the Booster Club, which provides much funding for each sport.  However, in addition to this organization of parents with pockets full of dona...

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