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Deanna Hartog
Deanna Hartog ’16 is ready to bring her enthusiasm and energy from the stage to the newsroom.

Hartog, one of the Sports Editors, has been acting since sixth grade and believes the skills she has acquired on stage will play a role in her work for Inklings.

“Acting has allowed me to become a better speaker,” she said. “It really taught me that you need to think about what you say before you speak.”

While Hartog is not a member of Staples Players, she has done numerous shows through community theaters and has performed at Curtain Call.

She said the improvisation skills these shows have taught her will help her when she conducts interviews.

“It’ll help with making people feel more comfortable,” she said. “Acting definitely helps with social skills.”

This year Hartog hopes to become an involved editor, who can help her writers while managing her own articles.

“I want to push myself to struggle so that I’ll work harder,” she said. “I took Intro [Journalism for Publication] last year and I just wanted to do more. I love it.”

Deanna Hartog, Sports Editor

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Deanna Hartog