Muffet McGraw refuses to hire males

Muffet McGraw refuses to hire males

Holden Cohen '20

Muffet McGraw is one of the greatest coaches in women’s basketball history; she has been to nine final fours, won two national championships and has received AP coach of the year four times. Although she has been the head coach through this historic run, she hasn’t been able to do it without the help of assistant coaches, and with her new policy, none of them will be men.

This is the first time a coach has eliminated a gender from potential hiring, and it’s not right. I understand that some women may be better than men at certain jobs and not all women get the opportunity they deserve, but it’s not right to purposefully reject men if they are qualified. If this policy was created by a man, the country would be in extreme outrage.

When there is a job opening, the most qualified person should be able to get the job without any bias. In this case, the exact opposite is happening. This is crazy because McGraw is still a coach with the goal of winning national championships, and therefore should prioritize professionalism and qualifications above all.

She has been coaching at Notre Dame for 32 years and has contributed two national championships to the school. It seems like she will always have a job opportunity there with the number of achievements she has accomplished, but she should still be going for the goal of winning a championship instead of proving a point.

This is also a very clear case of sexism. When someone comes out and specifically says that they won’t hire a gender, there should be some sort of consequence. Title IX bans sex discrimination in education and men’s and women’s athletics programs, which is clearly being broken in this case.

Additionally, if a man were refusing to hire women, there would be a plethora of upset people. Right now, there are groups of people supporting McGraw, and I can’t imagine a single individual who would have the same reaction if a male coach made this decision. Everyone should be treated equally, so the general public should have the same reaction and McGraw should not be allowed to discriminate against men.