Stick to the original

By Kate Lewis ’18

Hairspray was one of my favorite musicals growing up. I saw it when I was seven and for two hours I was entranced. So last year when NBC announced the premiere of “Hairspray Live,” I was intrigued. I waited anxiously for the air date in December, but when the day finally came, I was beyond disappointed. Not that the cast was all the promising in the first place, but I thought that maybe they would pull through. They didn’t. It was amateur hour for the most part and, as it turns out, many “live” versions and remakes of older movies and musicals for television end up being of the same cheesy caliber.

As someone who loves musicals and movies from the mid to late 20th century, I cringe every time another remake or “live” version airs on television networks like FOX and NBC. Recent ones include “Peter Pan,” “The Sound of Music,” “The Wiz,” “Hairspray” and “Dirty Dancing.” They just can’t capture the authenticity that made the original so memorable.

These movies and musicals are being remade for a reason – because they are so loved and renowned. So why mess with that? If they are being made for the sake of exposing younger generations to these classics, then make it a point to air the originals. A kid seeing “The Sound of Music,” for the first time as the “live” NBC version would be tragic.

We can’t let the classics die. It might sound dramatic, but it’s the truth. If parents could make it a point to show their kids those classic movies that “everyone should see” then there would be no need for remakes. These new versions and “live” specials aren’t living up to expectations. Stick to the original.