Top five classes to take


Chase Emilio, Staff Writer

Throughout my highschool career, I took many many classes that I liked and disliked. Some required, and others I took at my leasure. But there were a select few which I really appreciated. These are my favorite five non required classes that I took over my four years at Staples High School.

1)Personal Finance

Personal Finance is almost essential before graduation because it applies to real life situations like doing your taxes, or taking out a loan. Taking this rare and fun course in Staples, I can guarantee anyone who comes out passing will carry that knowledge over into the next year and then on into the professional career.

2) Drawing One

Drawing One is also great because it teaches the basic foundations of art like color theory and composition. Students might think this class might not be right for them because they haven’t picked up a pencil to draw before. The class is designed to teach students going in with no knowledge or ability to come out being able to draw pretty well regardless of original skill level. I like it because It strengthened my ability to express myself on paper. Without this class, it would be hard for anyone to understand the foundations of art and design.

3)Reading and Writing Fiction

Walking into Reading and Writing Fiction, I was horrible at writing (and keep in mind I am a senior). Coming out of this class I feel 100 percent more confident with all of my writing, and I’m not just saying that. The work is rigorous, but if you enjoy writing and creative expression, it’s a perfect outlet. It allows you to be more linguistic in all your writing from persuasive essays to research papers.

4)Film Analysis

Film analysis is the only course that encourages the phrase “netflix and chill.” Overall, it’s a fun and diverse class which flips the perspective on film. Instead of watching a movie, you learn how the movie is made by observing it. The class teaches you terminology of film through movies and why directors choose the approach they take.

5)Marine Biology

Marine Biology is an exceptional class because it gives you a great understanding of something man knows little about, the ocean. When I entered this class, I never knew about the field trips on the boat and, yes, the slimey dissections. During the class, students learn about ecosystems and marine animals, followed by fascinating dissections of animals such as fish, squid, and even a large shark. The only thing I would say as a forewarning to students is be prepared to get slimey.