Feb. break, it was nice knowing you


Alexa DiLuca, Staff Writer

Word is that there is no more long Feb. break for the current sophomores and freshman. You heard me right. Staples’s beloved week off, in between the holiday break and spring break, will be gone starting in the 2016-2017 school year.

Even though I am graduating this year, hearing this still rattled me. How are students supposed to go straight from Christmas to Easter with a shortened  break?

After attending a Board of Education (BOE) meeting, I learned that the board was forced to eliminate the break in order to create a uniform calendar across all of the schools. One of the requirements was that there can only be three uniform school vacations: Dec., April and summer.

When I first heard about this, I couldn’t understand why someone would change our vacation time. There has always been a week on in Feb. for as long as I could remember.

Although it does make sense from a pragmatic view to create a uniform calendar, I still don’t think it’s fair. Students and teachers need their time off.

Whether people are going on B3 trips, traveling to an exotic paradise, going on college visits, or just staying home to spend quality time with friends and family, they all enjoy having the time off. Feb. vacation helps break up the school year and makes the cold winter more bearable.

I know that teachers feel the same way. After grading all of those midterms, who wouldn’t want a break?

Luckily, the BOE realized this and Feb. break won’t be completely taken away and a proposal was passed that created a five day weekend in Feb.

Although this still doesn’t compensate for the a full 10 day break like we had this year, it puts my mind at ease.

At least there is something to eliminate the lull of school from Jan. to April.