Westport Lacks Unique Sneaks

Westport Lacks Unique Sneaks

Emma Lederer, Staff Writer

Walking around the school, or even around town, it’s impossible to ignore the seas of people clad in colorful variations of the same exact shoes. I don’t know what it is about Westport or high school students, but we all seem to love wearing the same exact things on our feet. It probably has something to do with the fact that these shoes are basically the only things sold downtown.

On Main Street, the footwear choices for spring include a ridiculously small selection: Supergas, Converse, or Vans.

Supergas, first of all, are never hard to spot. They can almost always be found in within a 50 foot radius, on the feet of freshmen girls clad entirely in clothes from Brandy Melville. These shoes have been very popular in Westport since two summers ago when girls learned about them from friends at camp.

With colors that range from “Crystal Azul” to “Dark Bordeaux,” there are endless colors of the trendy shoes to purchase. I can see how easy it is to get caught up in these shoes with all the different options to choose from.

However, I backed away from them after I noticed how weird the European sizing on them was. Size thirty-eight was meant for a small child’s foot, while the next size up, thirty-nines, were without a doubt made for clowns.

Vans, I can say from personal experience, are not always the best choice either. When I first started blogging on Tumblr in the seventh grade, pictures of the shoes took up my whole dashboard, so I had to have them.

Of course, I went out and bought the most obnoxious pair I could have: a bright purple tie-dye pair. After the first week, and a dip into the ocean, my sneakers looked like a little kid had thrown up cotton candy all over them. That being said, they probably would’ve held up better if I hadn’t gotten them wet or in such an obnoxious color.

There are definitely a lot of cute Vans in white or black that go with everything. Personally, though, I can’t look at them without being reminded of what I thought was stylish in the seventh grade, such as galaxy print leggings and neon crop tops.

My personal favorite is definitely Converse. They’re classics, they’re super comfortable and they go with anything and everything. I’m definitely the kind of person who feels the need to match, and throw on my beat-up pair of white ones makes it super easy.

Yes, everyone has the white ones, but I can say that out of all the trendy shoes, these are the ones that are actually worth it.