To wear or not to wear spring clothing

To wear or not to wear spring clothing


For the past four months, students have donned cozy Patagonia fleeces and strolled the halls in Steve Madden combat boots. But now that March has rolled around, our weary winter wardrobes are crying out for change.

But when is it time to say sayonara to sweaters and pull out the pastels?

Isn’t it just a simple, no-brainer decision?

Apparently not.

First off, if my calendar is the only thing telling me it’s spring – and my visible breath in the morning says otherwise – then should I still hop into white capris and slip on nude ballet flats in the morning, or continue to dress as if its winter?

Not only is it confusing to wear outfits that seem unfit for the weather, but it’s also pretty uncomfortable. Frigid wind is not fun, especially when you’re wearing lighter layers and cropped pants.

Even when it finally starts to feel like spring, the warmth isn’t guaranteed to last.

This month, the high temperatures have fluctuated from 27 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit in just one week; I wore a down jacket one day, and didn’t need any outerwear the next.

To say the least, Mother Nature is aptly named; she can be like our own mothers, changing her moods quickly when our being teens gets on their nerves. These fluctuations in weather bring another problem; if you’re just going to switch back to winter clothing the next day, why transition into spring outfits at all?

And finally, if you look around the halls of Staples, it doesn’t seem like anyone is ready to sport spring ensembles just yet. And as bad as it sounds, what’s socially acceptable does sway my decision.

Who knew that a simple season-change could be so confusing?

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be deciding what to wear.