Don’t cut into April break

There is such thing as too much of a good thing. This can range from chocolate (well, not really) to snow days.

When I learned this morning that Westport Public Schools would have yet another snow day, I cheered one minute. The next I groaned and realized the consequences. This is our sixth cancellation this year, which means a hearty cut into another vacation. I hate not only losing vacation time, but also the fact that spring break will be the one affected.

I know what you’re thinking. Justine’s going to stress her First World Problem as if it were catastrophic earthquake. But hear me out.

Spring break is a valuable time, especially for juniors. This is frequently a time that we go to look at colleges. It’s better than February break because April is warmer. I already had a planned list of schools that I was going to visit during this vacation, all of which are in a part of the country that is less than desirable during February frigidness. I was planning on leaving that first weekend, but will now have to compromise my plans due to school being in session that Monday. Or I might just have to miss that Monday because of already arranged flights. This will definitely be a problem because one of my teachers is notorious for day-before-break exams.

And this concern applies to the entire student body.

It’s simple. April break is really the best vacation of the year.

Unlike December and February, it’s, as I said before, warm and pleasant weather. You can relax outside with a good (non-school-related) book. Since it’s relatively close to the end of the year, you can start planning for things like camp or summer jobs. Also, for many sophomores, juniors and seniors, it’s the last breath of fresh air before the hellish period of AP tests.

I know Elliot Landon decided to cut into April break because he wants the school year to end as soon as possible. That’s a reasonable concern. But I really just don’t see the harm of one more day in June.

Because nothing compares to a good full week of freedom in April.