New iPhone Game is for the (Flappy) Birds


A new species has invaded the halls of Staples. It’s not a pesky rodent or a slimy insect. It’s a poorly animated, big beaked, surprisingly resilient bird.

        In the past week, the game Flappy Bird has soared to both the top of the Apple Store charts and the phones of many students. The game sounds simple –  users tap the screen to make the bird fly, while maneuvering around giant pipes.

        It’s nowhere near that easy.

Within seconds of downloading the free app, I was hooked. After countless excruciating attempts, I finally reached a whopping high score of two.

Yes, two.

        Some students boast high scores in the thirties, fifties, and hundreds. But I say this game is for the birds.

        Every time the determined little bird whacks its head on a pipe, I want to smack my own head against a wall. When the creature plummets towards the ground, I’m overcome with a strong urge to throw my phone on the floor.

        But despite the physical and emotional toll Flappy Bird takes, users (myself included) just can’t stop playing.

        The game seems like it should be easy, but it’s no piece of cake. Failed attempts almost always lead to “just one more try.”

        One more? Try 20.

        By the time players have developed the skill and patience to get through the first couple pipes, they can’t stop. As time progresses, the addiction worsens.

        It’s time for an intervention.

        Remember the days of Temple Run and Angry Birds? They’re long gone, and Flappy Bird will eventually become extinct too. iPhone owners everywhere will realize that the frustration of the game outweighs the small sense of satisfaction that comes with navigating a bird through a series of poorly placed obstacles.

        But until then, you can find me in a corner, furiously tapping away at my phone screen.