Students Struggle with Full-Blown Cases of the Half Day Blues

‘Twas the day before vacation

And all through the school,

Teachers were breaking the unspoken rule.

Tests by the dozen and papers galore,

The day would be anything but a bore.

But alas, some teachers know how it’s done,

They play movies in class and the half-day is fun.


        The excitement-filled day before vacation has the potential to actually be enjoyable. One would think these last few hours at school would be relaxing, as many students will be using the time to get a head start on their holiday travels, and the remaining students and teachers will be focused on the tantalizing days of freedom that lie ahead.


        Odds are you’ll have at least one test, one in-class assignment, and one project due. And there are only four periods in the day.

        Let’s be honest – almost every student is totally checked out by Monday. That half-day on Wednesday is the only thing standing between us and a glorious vacation. So why not make it as painless as possible?

While my mom is making pumpkin pie, I’ll be making vocab flashcards. While my family enjoys the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I’ll be stressing over my research paper.

There’s no escape, but I ask on behalf of all my fellow students: please let us have just one day to unwind.

Good thing there are some kind-hearted teachers out there who will pop in a DVD or blast a holiday Pandora channel to make the period a little more bearable.

But as for everyone else… good luck. And Happy Thanksgiving.