Slumming in School is an Art


What I wear to school is all about how much I care.

Freshman year, for some reason, I cared a lot. I flounced around trying to look adorable in colorful skirts; I spent valuable sleeping time straightening my hair almost every morning; I reserved the ever-blasphemous sweatpants for midterms and weekends. Oh, the glory of freshman year.

Sophomore year, things began to change. My jeans became my best friends. Days that I spent time wrestling my hair into presentability became a minority. Days that I lazed into sweats popped up more often.

Then came junior year. If I’m wearing a skirt, it’s for either a wedding or a funeral. If my hair is straightened, it’s probably picture day. Sweatpants are a default. If I cared any less, I would probably be wearing a monk’s robe. Or perhaps a snuggie. (Is there really a difference?)

Every day, I sit in bed waiting for some light to streak the miserably dark sky, my eyes generally refusing to open, my dad shouting at me about how late I am and I ponder an eternal question.

“To slum, or not to slum?”

Slum: (verb) to rock a pair of sweats to school, whether it be sweatpants, yoga pants, a sweatshirt or the throwback-to-seventh-grade Juicy Couture hoodie. (No, really, the little “J” charm does make it better.)

I know the rule is “dress for success,” but let’s be real here –   I’m eons more successful if I can lounge in my chair during Physics than if all I can do is check to make sure my skirt isn’t caught in my backpack. (It has happened to the best of us.)

If I’m in my sweats, I might as well be at home. There is no better feeling than when you change into your homework clothes at the end of the day. That feeling during school? There’s a reason I’m always wearing sweatpants on the days I have an AP Gov test.

However, there is one problem. A lot of the time, if I’m slumming, it means I genuinely didn’t have the energy to shimmy my skinny jeans on that morning. The combination of this overpowering exhaustion and my perfect UGG slippers (I swear I’m walking on clouds) can produce some troubling results.

But I have come to one final conclusion that I tend to fall back on… nearly every morning. The major pro of slumming it: being comfortable in school is probably the best feeling in the world.