Do seniors really deserve two skip days?


With essays to write and projects to finish, Shockey sees skip day as better saved for second semester.

As a senior, this may be hard to believe, but because of the fact that we are still students at Staples, I think we absolutely shouldn’t have two skip days or maybe even any skip days for that matter.

First of all, when I was an underclassman, I didn’t even think senior days were allowed. I just thought that seniors would get in trouble for not coming to school.

Now that I am a senior, let’s face it, I still don’t understand it.

Although it’s technically allowed, missing a day worth of assignments is very difficult.

Let’s take this scenario, you have to do word problems from the pre-calculus textbook, a 45 slide anatomy powerpoint, an essay about Telemachus, and finalize the college essay and the Common App.

Then what do you do, attempt to cram all of this homework at night after senior skip day is over?

That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, especially for someone who isn’t into procrastinating.

Also, think about it, what exactly would you be doing on a weekday anyway? We are so used to our daily schedules that if given the opportunity, we wouldn’t even know what to do with ourselves. Maybe some students would catch up on rest, while others would want to take advantage of the day by going on a long shopping trip.

These are obviously activities that can easily be done on the weekend.

Not only that, but seniors are already going to miss school because of internships in May.

Maybe you don’t want to rush getting out of school yet. School is supposed to be enjoyable.You get to see your friends, learn different subjects, and improve yourself.  Soon enough, we are going to have to face real world problems, such as paying taxes.

If anything, one senior skip day should be during second semester when the college process is finished. After finding out what school you get into, get some ice cream and celebrate with friends and family.

Senior skip days are the last thing seniors should be thinking about right now, it is only November.