Five best things about iOS7

Let me start by saying that I’m no techie. My black Iphone 5 has been dropped numerous times, but it always satisfies my needs: I’ve got Momma and Daddio on speed dial, a chat with my friends and an Instagram account. What more does a girl need?

        Despite my simplistic attitude towards technology, I did recently upgrade from iOS6 to iOS7. Throughout the week that I’ve had this new software, I’ve been going beyond my usual array of 2-3 apps. The recent outburst in reviews has spiked my interest.  I’ve read numerous articles and talked to my peers and come to the conclusion that I am part of the crowd that actually likes iOS7. Here’s why:

1. Colorfulness

This is probably one of the most obvious changes from iOS6. App icons have been amped up with brighter colors and more white space, creating a fun, modern look to your home screen. Some complain that this improvement has made text hard to read, but there are text size and bolding options available. I’m a girl who loves color, so this update was wonderful!

2. Camera features

Everybody knows the feeling: you take the best, artsiest picture of you and your friends in front of a beautiful sunset and can’t wait to share it with your Insta followers. But suddenly you open the photo in Instagram and the square size constraints give you the decision to cut out your friends or cut out the sky. Your perfectly balanced picture is now totally ruined. This is why the new “square” feature for the camera is a lifesaver. Photos can now be taken in the perfect Insta-size square so that there doesn’t have to be any last minute cuts! This along with the fun filters and quick photo-snapping features makes the updated camera ideal.

3. Control center

We all loved the ability to pause or shuffle a song without typing in a passcode by just double-clicking the home button. You didn’t even have to open your eyes when a bad song came on while you were trying to sleep! With iOS7, not only can you deal with music without unlocking, but you can also turn on airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, portrait orientation, brightness, flashlight, timer, calculator and camera! Perfect for people in a hurry.

4. Fun wallpapers

That adorable photo of your dog is always going to be a solid background, but sometimes you’ve got to switch things up! iOS7 has tons of new crisp background images for those of you who like to pretend you’re on a beautiful tropical island every time you open your phone. (These are especially useful mid- January- just one look and you can feel the warm air). In addition, there are new “dynamic” backgrounds that show a bunch of colorful bubbles that move around your lock screen and home screen. Just don’t let your new background distract you from your homework!

5. New ringtones

For the past three years, I’ve had the “alarm” ringtone set for my parents’ incoming calls. For those of you who don’t know, this sound is similar to when your house alarm system goes off or a fire drill happens at school (I have problems answering my phone). No other ringtone satisfied my standards. Until iOS7. Now there is a variety of new ringtones and alerts to choose from. You can also customize a vibration pattern, to replace the usual single buzz. I can finally say goodbye to the mini heart-attacks I get every time my father calls!

This past week has transformed me from a girl who hardly knew how to change her iPhone’s background to an expert who could set up an iCloud account in minutes! I’m an Apple expert ready to take on this technological world. That is, until iOS8 comes out…