Shall We Dance…In Six Months?

Aren’t dances supposed to be fun, carefree events that we can all look forward to? Apparently not in 06880. Westport’s reputation of ultra-competitiveness seems to have reared its ugly head in this arena.

As a junior girl, I first-hand witnessed the craziness that erupted in August when my fellow classmates started posting their Counties’ dates on our Facebook group. Within days, it seemed like dozens of people had locked in partners for the event, which is six months away. And the figure has only continued to rise exponentially. As of now, I’ve calculated that the number of girls with dates (at least the ones who’ve publicly released it) is well over 75. Since there are approximately 235 girls in the class of 2015, about a third of them already have dates–for the event in January.

All this sudden, Hunger Games-like action made me think: are my classmates making the right decision? Could preparing in advance be the way to go? By securing my date now, doesn’t this mean I can spend time on other details like my dress and hairstyle?

Well, I came to quickly realize that there are drawbacks to committing in advance, which I feel outweigh the positives. The drawbacks being: changes in circumstances. What if my date decides he’s had it with Westport and heads for Mongolia? What if he winds up on the FBI’s Most Wanted list? Or what if I decide that I simply don’t want to go with him anymore?

Where does that leave me? It may leave me without a date, and in the last scenario, with an angry guy. However, that’s the chance I’m taking by not committing right now. I’d rather not go at all than spend the next six months regretting asking someone.

Planning everything far in advance is not my idea of how I want to live. It’s like deciding now what I’ll have for lunch everyday in October. Chicken, peanut butter, salad…I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood for.

But that’s just me. Judging from the pressure surrounding Counties, my approach is quite unusual. If anyone wants to join me, though, maybe we can have a “Fun-Without Counties” party.

With no six-month-in-advance RSVP required.