#PPP: Prom Proposal Problems

When seniors enter their second semester, they might think that they are done with work. They might think they can finally lie back, relax and put their mind at ease. Wrong. There is still one more very important task at hand: coming up with a prom proposal.

Prom proposals are possibly the most stressful part of a high school career. Why? Nobody can get by on a heartfelt but simple invitation to prom.

Let’s face it: it’s not just the thought that counts.

In this day and age, people need to come up with exciting proposals. You need to ask in a way nobody has before.

But that can be a little difficult. As Colin Davis ’13 said, “dances have been around since Ezio Auditore’s time.” If you don’t understand the reference, go buy Assassin’s Creed right now.

The point is that, by now, people have proposed in every way imaginable.         Jackson Yang ’13, a rugby player, recalled one of his favorite prom proposals, which happened a couple years ago. The captain of the rugby team had a bunch of teammates paint their chests spelling out “P-R-O-M?” and had them run to the tennis courts where his girlfriend was playing.


Taking it up another notch, Julia Kaner ’13 recalled that her date did a fake proposal in Times Square on the red steps.

Excuse me? How do you beat that?

Perhaps the most creative proposal idea came from an anonymous source, who, being a pilot, planned on flying a plane over his date’s practice field where he would drop little plastic parachuting army men holding slips of paper printed with the question: “Prom?”

Needless to say, that idea was shot down for legal reasons (No pun intended).

But how far are people willing to go to come up with a creative and exciting way to ask a date to prom?

I’d like to stress that, if you’re putting your life on the line, you might be going a little bit too far. But just a little bit.

Prom is the night to cap off your high school career. Prom is the night you’ll relive 20 years later at your reunion. You need to be clever.

Keeping in mind that a clever proposal is only going to help your chances of her saying “yes.”

You want to impress your prom date and make her happy. So how do you come up with an original idea?

I’ll be honest; it isn’t easy. You have to grit your teeth, bite your lip, and really think about it. I’m sorry; I know thinking isn’t a strong point for second semester seniors.

Luckily, I think I found an original idea.

Ellie Kalatzi ’13, will you go to prom with me?