The Hallmark Holiday

Olivia Kalb, Staff Writer

Apparently, we need to devote one day out of the year to pink balloons, stuffed bears wearing red satin sashes proclaiming LOVE, and giant boxes of chocolate wrapped in huge red bows.  Why, exactly?

Okay, so, admittedly, I’m not a pink fan. But my dislike of this “Hallmark Holiday” goes a bit deeper. Let’s start with the obvious. Not all of us are in love. And for those of us who aren’t, it’s uncomfortable and rather annoying to watch those couples with the goo-goo eyes and major PDA coo at each other all day. Do we really need the flowers and balloons and teddy bears paraded around the hallways and streets? Or can you maybe pass the trinkets to each other in private?

Don’t be mistaken, I am one of the most romance-obsessed people around. I love love and all things to do with love. But if you have to mark a day on a calendar to be sure you remember to express your love, how real is it? I’m afraid I’m not buying it.

The way I know my parents truly love each other is that every day they hug, they tell each other they love each other. They go for walks, they get coffee together and sit for over an hour just talking. Every day my dad tells my mom how beautiful she is. He even thanks her for making dinner each night. That’s love, and because I’m lucky enough to see that every day, I’m afraid the balloons and teddy bears exchanged on command every Feb. 14 just don’t do it for me.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about love; it’s about commercialism. You don’t show love by buying someone a card and some flowers one day during the year just because it’s marked on the calendar.

And for the people who aren’t part of a couple, please stop joking about how you’re “forever alone.” The joke’s done. We understand. You’re hip, you’re in the know, you go online a lot, good for you. Now please stop. It’s just not funny anymore.

But, since it is a calendar event, I suppose I can make the best of it. The best of it being the chocolate. At least Valentine’s Day has that going for it if nothing else. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? And if you get a bit more chocolate than you can handle, I’ll be glad to take it off your hands for you.