Scary Movies or No Scary Movies That is the Question

When you finish your homework at night, sometimes you like to take a break by watching a little television.

This could be the news, a singing show, or a comedic show.

But just as you feel tired, a scary image pops up just before you turn off the television. That image remains with you as you go up to bed, and it keeps you from sleeping.

The culprit for the sleep deprivation: scary movies.

I think the production of scary movies should be abandoned.

That’s right, you heard me!

I believe that in the violent and tumultuous world we live in today, we should not add to the violence by creating scary movies.

If you haven’t noticed yet, fear is in our everyday lives. We fear that we may not get in the play, we may not do well on a test, or we may not get into the college that we want.

These fears often dominate our lives. So why do we need something else to make us even more fearful?

Take the Dark Knight trilogy movies for instance. The first film, Batman Begins, actually inspired James Holmes to shoot 59 innocent individuals who were watching the third and equally violent movie of the series, The Dark Knight Rises.

I think we have had enough of these scary movies. Halloween only comes once a year, not every single night for 365 days.

Can’t we just live in happiness and peace?