Black Friday: A Crazy Good Time

Rose Propp, Photographry Editor

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year.

I love reuniting with friends and family. I love gathering around the television to watch a football game. Most of all, I love the food. With all these wonderful things on the third Thursday of each November, the day after — the infamous Black Friday — brings closure to all of the Turkey Day celebrations.

Some people might say that Black Friday brings out the worst aspects of the American people, and I can understand where they’re coming from. It makes us look like consumer crazies, and rightfully so. Millions of Americans leave their homes at the crack of dawn the morning after their Thanksgiving dinners. They stand in lines at their local malls in anticipation of big mark- downs.

But this is America, and every purchase that will be made this Friday, Nov. 23 is helping the United States economy, which is constantly labeled as “failing.”

Really, on each Black Friday, these American patriots, stuffed with turkey and apple pie, are doing their jobs to relieve the economy.

Besides its large economic impact, Black Friday is also an excellent time for the individual consumer to take advantage of amazing prices on big-tag items. These days, the wish lists of even the youngest children include at least one iProduct or equally ex- pensive item of clothing.

For families looking for a bargain, Black Friday presents a great opportunity to save some big bucks. Prices on receipts are sure to bring smiles.

Waking up early is a small price to pay (literally) for a pair of Nike shoes at 70 percent off. I can safely say that the copy of Halo 4 I bought for my brother, the necklace for my mom, and the sporting goods for my dad are going to be three of my most popular purchases this year. They’re also popular with my wallet.

I’m on the budget of a busy 17-year-old girl. With applying to college, first semester grades and all the extra-curriculars to worry about, who has time to get a job? Black Friday is a godsend.

Above all, Black Friday provides a gateway to happiness that connects two holiday seasons. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to happily enjoy each other’s company—this soon turns into a time designated to making these very same people happy.

Without Black Friday, the fate of the happiness of family and friends would be in the hands of the shopping gods.

If you expect me to pay full price for all my holiday gifts, you’re wrong. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.

I just don’t think we’d be able to enjoy ChristmaHanuKwan- zaakah without it.