Registration Without Taxation

Inklings Editorial

It’s difficult to deny that Staples students are given many resources. With the continuing importance of education in today’s society, it’s fair to say that this gives Stapleites opportunities that others may not have.

But the excellence of the education provided does not give kids who do not live in Westport and whose parents do not pay into the town of Westport’s finances the right to attend Staples, or any other Westport school. This is why the superintendent’s office is correct in its efforts to re-register all incoming freshmen, in order to determine who is a resident of Westport and who is not.

Enrolling in Westport schools costs money— not to parents, not to students, but to the town of Westport. If parents do not pay taxes to the town of Westport, they are taking money from the town; approximately $16,000 per student.

That said, it’s easy to understand the motivation of non-Westport residents who attempt to enroll their children in Westport Public Schools. The system of public schooling is admittedly flawed; much has been made of the differences between wealthy suburban schools and poor inner city schools. But a failed system should be changed, not cheated. Every American child deserves an excellent education, but that education should not be secured by improper enrollment. Re-registration is a necessary process.