Toquet Hall Screens “Finding Kind”

Toquet Hall Screens “Finding Kind”

Finding Kind at Toquet Hall on Sept. 26

Staples High School’s Teen Awareness Group is hosting a viewing of the recently made documentary Finding Kind on Sept. 26 at Toquet Hall.

“The movie is about getting real stories from girls and women about girl on girl bullying. The purpose of the film is to show girls that things would be better if they were kind instead of envious and always in competition with each other,” said TAG advisor Chris Lamone, the Student Outreach Counselor at SHS.

The kind of bullying that is referred to in the movie is seen very often throughout the hallways of all schools, even in Westport. This past March a 13-year-old Westport student posted a video on YouTube complaining that she was a victim of bullying at Bedford Middle School.

“It is being shown because of all that has happened with bullying in the last year,” says TAG Co-President Stevie Klein ‘12, “TAG is always looking for new ways to spread important messages, and we think this video is really helpful in getting the message of anti-bullying and kindness across.”

Already 125 seats have been reserved for the viewing and there are over 80 people on a waiting list according to TAG member Lily Rappaport ‘13. With all the attention the documentary has gotten, it is clear that TAG will be successful in spreading their message. Because of all the people interested in the movie, TAG is looking into another showing at a larger venue where the creators of the film would be present.